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Akka event sourcing done right

2 minute read

At the end of the past summer, I have been captured by a very interesting discussion about Commands and Events between Viktor Klang and Martin Thompson:

Docker maven plugin

3 minute read

As Docker is gathering more interest from the big IT companies, it seems to be a perfect way to delivery the applications to the production environemnt. If ...

Round-Robin Iterable

1 minute read

It is a solution I have written because my collegue was struggling to write a code that was collecting one element for each list in an ordered way and acce...

Pimping JSoup

1 minute read

I started to develop a web crawler part of a bigger project, then I have to choice what kind of HTML parser library I have to use. I have used NekoHTML in t...

GWT RPC Best Practices

4 minute read

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) allows you write plain java code, and then to translate it to client-side javascript code. Therefore it permits you to reuse yo...